Friday, October 23, 2015

Making Money with a Small Blog

So everyone obviously knows I'm a beginner blogger and trying to make it into a living since I love to write. I would love to make a living doing what I love. I have recently come across and been given an opportunity to review a book I received for free in exchange for and honest and unbiased review.

The book is called "How to Monetize a Small Blog" and it's author is Luke Weil. It is a very small and thin book so don't worry for all of those who hate reading bookks especially if they are big, but the key to success as they say is knowledge and determination. So if you want to succeed then you now what you gotta do. Alright so back to the book review.

The book has only a few chapters in the book and they go right into detail about the chapter title which I like. The chapters and details entailed in each are the following I will discuss in a brief way that is. The first is about Direct Advertising which goes in detail about the pro and cons of using advertising in your blog. It also talks about text links, banner ads and sidebar ads in more detail. Some good information is n this section if you plan to use direct advertisning.

The second chapter is about Sponsored Content which is pretty much what I'm into trying at the moment which goes in detail about paid advertorials and blending sponsored content. It talks a little about how to go about doing each and what to be aware of when considering them.

The third chapter is about Display Advertising which include banner and graphics mostly. When you think of using banners or graphics you must consider the price points and whether you will be using images, audio or even videos. These things are explained in this chapter and how to benefit from them.

The fourth chapter is about Advertising Networks which include the pros and cons to them. It mainly talks about using AdSense as a way to make money and how easy it is. This is one of my favorite chapters.

The fifth chapter talks about Affiliate Marketing which goes in detail about the main companies that offer it and that are considered the better ones to join. The top 3 companies he talks abotu ins Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. He tells that you make money through visits, purchases and registrations with these companies in order to make a commission.

The sixth chapter explains Branded Sponsored Campaigns. It details what they are and how big companies use them. It also tells you what the big companies look for in your blog when considering you for this, which are, if you target a certain audience, the relevance of your blog and if you can maintain credibility.

The seventh chapter explains Building Mail Lists and how to go about doing so. It tells how you will monetize from this by having outstanding content and being clear when you speak to your audience and the companies.

I would recommend this book because it has many good aspects and explains much things in detail and gives you examples.

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