Monday, July 6, 2015

Car Mount In Any Direction

Nowadays living in a city where holding your cell phone will get you a big fat ticket we need a car mount or a bluetooth to keep our money to ourselves. We use a car mount to talk on our phones as well as listen to music too. Having a car mount makes it eas for us to use the navigation on our phones we we need help with our destination. Holding it in your hand while you drive can be dangerous. To not get tickets and to be safe you should consider a car mount.

The ZiLu Car Mount Dashboard made by the company ZiLu Tech. This is a mount that can be mounted anywhere such as dashboard, window, fridge or even a shelf. It is made of premium quality rubber with a durable plastic. An adhesive is attached to stick easily on curved areas as well. The dimension of the mount is 5.6 inches in length by 3 inches in width and by 2.5 inches in height. When you hold the mount in your hand you can feel that it is very light in weight and is portable for you to be able to transport from place to place as you need. This car mount wòrks with almost any smartphone or iPhone.

The thing I love most about this car mount is that you can stick it to almost any surface and I've been looking all over for a car mount that can stick good onto the dashboard. Let me tell you it works perfectly and hasn't fallen off or anything. All you have to do in remove the plastic off the bottom where the adhesive is at and press down while pulling the lock down to keep it on tight. It grips my HTC One M7 smartphone, even with the otterbox case it still didn't fall off while using it unless I hit a really big bump or pressed the breaks hard. The grip on the car mount it tight and stretches to meet the size of most smartphones. It came in good use when I used google maps to drive to New Jersey because if I didn't have the car mount I would have to keep looking at my phone distracting me from the keeeping my eyes on the road.

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